Thank you, Beautiful.

Please check your inbox. Your LOVE story workbook is on it's way.

I want to celebrate with you right now for allowing yourself the chance to LOVE your body and to help create your ideal weight naturally.

You have taken the first step in giving yourself lasting love, peace and joy that you absolutely deserve.

Because I believe deep in my heart that every woman deserves to love their body, and to create their ideal weight naturally without obsessing and thinking constantly about their weight.

You have way more important things to do and you have more fun things to do that don’t include worrying about your weight every single day and every single moment that you are awake.

The rewrite your LOVE story program allows you an amazing opportunity to start loving your body now and let go of the obsession. To release yourself of that obsession, and to learn to rewrite your body story. So you can fall in love with your body again because your body is amazing.

It does amazing things for you.

It’s time to shift your focus from the way your body looks and how much it weighs.

Because your body is so much more than that.

Your body is a powerhouse.

Inside, it is doing so many amazing things to keep you functioning to keep you healthy and to keep you energised.

It’s also time to give back to your body, start loving your body.

In this  Your LOVE story program, you will discover a new way to love your body right now by rewriting your story.

Let’s turn your story into something beautiful, loving, peaceful and joyful.

You will also receive give you my “Subconscious story reset audio” to go along with the workbook, so you can deactivate negative beliefs fast.

And because I believe so strongly in forgiving yourself and your body you will also be getting my “Forgiveness practice”. So you can forgive NOW story, and move into NEW story with love, peace and joy.

I look forward to sharing this with you and see how you rewrite your story.