LOVE Challenges

I don’t know about you but sometimes I need a good kick up the bum to remind myself to have fun, eat healthy, keep moving, tell myself I am awesome, keep up with the positive attitude and to LOVE living!

So, I have created 6 30-day challenges, which can be repeated 2 times each throughout the year, as a helpful reminder of how awesome you are and to keep living your best life.

There will be days, weeks and months where life isn’t fun, it isn’t playing fair and you feel as though you want to run away; never to look back.

I hear ya!

But, life really is quite amazing and those hard times can be made easier with lots of self love and plenty of connection with other awesome women who are there to offer tonnes of support.

So, join in the challenges (dates are below), head on over to the facebook group and lets connect, comfort and cheer each other on as we all navigate this beautiful and crazy world.

Each monthly challenge will happen in the private facebook group (join below). Every Monday during the challenge I will do a facebook live to connect with you all about what each power move for that week will be.

Click on the challenge below for more information about the challenge and to download the monthly workbook.