LOVE mind

What is the mind?

May of us would be fooled to believe that the mind is of the brain, that the brain is what actually controls the mind.

In actual fact, the mind is so much more than just something that lives inside the brain, or even the body, helping us decide what to eat in the morning, what to wear and what to think about ourselves.

The mind is described in a variety of ways but ultimately they all come back to the same thing. The mind is of itself and gives us the opportunity to think beyond who we are, feel every emotion available to us, see so much more than what is in front of our eyes and it is in advance of anything in which our brain can physically do.

Quite a few years ago now over 40 scientists got together and debated the essence of the mind. They wanted to figure out once and for all what the mind actually is and what it does. They came up with this conclusion: “the emergent self-organising process, both embodied and relational, that regulates energy and information flow within and among us”.

Not the easiest description to understand but basically it tells us that the mind is in us but not OF us. Our mind allows us to think beyond our physical selves and really tap into what the universe has to offer. We are all connected through the flow of energy which emanates from all of our minds and our spirits.

So, when you rethink the way you look at yourself and how your mind is working for you then you realise it truly is possible to change.

But, there is also one other entity, if you will, that will do whatever it takes to keep you in a state of false belief and that is the EGO.

Your ego wants nothing more than more. More belongings, more money, more cars, more clothes, more power, more notoriety, more ego, more jewellery, more status, more food, more EVERYTHING.

The ego is like the mind in that it is not OF you. It is that other voice inside your head trying to get you to focus on “I”, which is the Latin definition of ego. “I want this, I want that”. Of course, it is ok to look after yourself and focus on who you are but when the ego takes over causing you to forget who you truly are whilst wanting more money, power or things then the ego is destroying your soul.

Throughout your life you have, no doubt, wanted more. And, again, that is ok. But where does that want come from?

Ego or true self?

When it comes to your weight do you want to lose the weight to look good or do you want to lose weight to become healthier, more energised, to feel amazing and to free yourself from the weight of your weight so you can go and enjoy your life instead of living in fear?

Now is the time to decide which part of you you want to listen to the most. Your ego is always going to be in the background trying to get you to eat that extra piece of cake or skip moving your body today so you can veg out on the couch and eat a whole bag of chips; because the ego enjoys watching you suffer. That’s its job. Honing in on your insecurities and using them to keep you feeling miserable about yourself and your life.

What if you looked inward to the centre of your being and began to listen to the loving voice inside of you? What if you used your mind to focus on that loving voice to find out who you really are and what you are here on this earth to do?

Once you realise YOU have the power to change your thoughts, to use your mind to think anyway you want and to tell your ego to shut the f*** up, I’ve got this; then you will feel an amazing shift inside of you.

This shift will filter throughout your whole body rippling with love, joy and peace to embrace and connect with your true essence. Your soul. Your spirit.

This is the beginning of your weight loss journey.