Health comes in all shapes and sizes. And so do you.

Your body is beautiful and it deserves lots of love and care.

Looking after your beautiful body can be challenging, especially when you are overwhelmed by all of the information. Here are a few valuable pieces of information for you to nourish your amazing body and mind.

What factors could be influencing your weight? Find out with this simple chart.

Do you eat every meal in a rush? On the go? Or in front of the TV? Here a 4 simple Mindful Eating tips to help you to slow down, enjoy your food and ultimately reduce the amount of food you eat.

Salt is needed in our diet but too much or the wrong kind can cause you to feel unwell. In this simple guide, I break down why salt is important, which ones are better for your health and how much your body really needs in a day.

Your Gut health is extremely important to your overall health, which is why your gut is called your second brain. But what does it actually mean to have a healthy gut and how can you keep yours feeling great? Use this cheat sheet to find out.

Do you feel overwhelmed by everyone telling you what you are supposed to eat? In this comprehensive list of energy nutrients, I give you every nutritious and delicious food known to Mother Earth for you to include in your diet. If you include only a small portion of these foods into your weekly diet then you are giving your body enough nutrients to feel energised and awesome.

Use this energy checklist to ensure you are keeping your body energised with my 5 simple steps.

This easy to guide of each macronutrient: Carbs, Protein and Fat to find out how much you really should be eating for your own body.

This pantry list will complement the Energy Nutrients list to help you even more. Stock your fridge and pantry with these nutritious foods for lots of healthy meals.

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