LOVE bites

little itty, bitty bites of LOVE body goodness

Fancy Diet food
Weight Loss shake
Gym membership
Advice from friends
Positive mindset
Determination to finally do it this time

I hear ya. I have done it all. I have said “this time will be different. This time I will finally be skinny, forever”.

And then I remember I don’t like myself very much so the first horrible thought sends me running to the fridge for something yummy (🍕🍟🍔🍨🎂🍪🍩🍫🥧) to eat. And, lots of it!!!

Then I am disgusted in myself because I caved again, and I think “You’re hopeless. You haven’t even made it a day. You’ll never be skinny and happy. You are so gross”.

I look back on those days and I feel sad. Sad that I wasted so much time hating myself. Sad I couldn’t enjoy my life. Sad I wasn’t able to pull myself out of my dark hole sooner so I could truly understand and love the person I was, and am. Sad I didn’t have the support I needed to reach out and connect so I could begin the healing process.


Now, though, I am grateful for all I went through; all I suffered because it brought me to this amazing place I am in now. Physically, emotionally and mentally.

I want this for you too. It is time to end the suffering and to enjoy who you are and the life you are destined to live. You may have the right food and the right gym membership (whatever that is 🤔) but without the right mindset none of that matters. The weight loss roller-coaster will never come to an end.

And, I am quietly confident you don’t want to live with the suffering and the ups and downs any longer, either. Because IT SUCKS!

I can give you the guidance, support and connection needed to help you find your own evolution.

LOVE 💕body

My body wobbles. My body jiggles a bit. I can’t say that I like it all that much but what I do like (NO, LOVE) is how strong my body is. How capable it is of nourishing me, energising me and utilising everything I give it to get me through the day feeling amazing.

Our bodies work so hard to keep us from getting sick, from feeling like 💩 and to keep powering through the day.

It’s time we give back to our bodies and LOVE them again. Our bodies support our needs every day. Let’s do the same by nourishing them with nutritious foods, moving them every day to energise them and taking care of them through positive thoughts and actions.

It is the only one you have. Look after it and it will continue to fight for you 💪👊.

LOVE 💕body

I used to go to bed grumpy. I would wake up grumpy and my whole day would be spent feeling grumpy.

My whole life was in a state of grumpiness.

It was no fun at all.

I missed out on so much because of the grumpy, negative, hateful voice in my head.

I don’ want to miss out on my life any more.

So, now I go to bed feeling happy, grateful and with a smile on my face. Even if I have had a tough day or life is a bit 💩.

That smile carries through me until morning when I wake up and feel lighter about myself and what is going on. I know that I will be ok and I will figure things out and continue to feel good about how my life is. Because my life is only as great as I make it.

And, I make it better by smiling more.

How do you feel when you go to bed every night? Let me know in the comments 😀

LOVE 💕body

How many times have you gone to do something and then that voice in your head comes running in to tell you “You can’t do that. You’re not allowed.” ? Or “You’re not good enough to do that”. Or “Who are you to think you can be this way?”.

When I got dressed this morning and put on these beautiful clothes my horrid little voice inside my head piped up and said “You can’t dress like this. Everyone will know you’re just an impostor. You don’t deserve to feel beautiful.”

This kind of thinking may have, once-upon-a-time, made me take everything off and put on something less beautiful so I could hide away and not let the real me come out.

But instead of listening to this voice this morning I decided to say, “I don’t agree. I am allowed to wear whatever I like and I deserve to feel good about myself”. And, I felt amazing all day.

So, listen to my voice for a moment…. YOU ARE ALLOWED!

If that horrid voice has taken over your mind and it has unpacked all it’s belongings, put up nasty pictures on the wall, it sits on the couch with its feet on the coffee table drinking out of a cask of wine; then it is time for you to kick that f*cker OUT!

Because waiting quietly and patiently ready for you to notice their existence is your LOVING VOICE. The voice we all, also, have inside of us but tend to ignore and reject.

Welcome your loving voice with open arms, give it a big hug and say “I missed you and I’m sorry I ignored you for so long”.

Your loving voice is only there to guide you to your true self. To uplift you and encourage you. It never wants to hurt you or put you down.

The more you listen to your loving voice the more love you have for yourself and the more you realise you are allowed to be YOU and that it is ok.

You are amazing. You are beautiful. You are strong. You are capable.

Let the loving voice in.

LOVE 💗 body

Forgiveness is a powerful tool in the process of learning to love yourself and your body.

There are so many parts of ourselves and our bodies which we abuse everyday, mentally, emotionally and physically because we have come to hate them.

Who decided that YOU were worth hating? Who decided that your body was ugly and worthless because it didn’t look a particular way?

I am now in my early 40’s and I spent AT LEAST 30 years of my life not liking who I was or loving my body because it didn’t look a certain way.

I have had enough of hating myself. It is time to love who I am, love my body and enjoy my life without the constant thoughts of hatred toward myself.

I used a beautiful ancient Hawaiian technique called Ho’oponopono. It really helped me to learn to love myself and my body by forgiving all of the horrid thoughts and letting them go so new, loving thoughts can take over.

If you would love to know more about forgiveness then please click on the link in my bio and go to the LOVE forgiveness page where you can get a lovely forgiveness meditation to begin your forgiveness LOVE body.

LOVE 💗 body

Do you ever have those days where you just can’t? Can’t be bothered. Can’t adult. Just don’t wanna. I bet you have. We all have. I’m so not feeling it today. So I decided to just go with the flow and listen to what I needed. even my morning routine had a rest. Normally I would push through, throw a tantrum and go into my “I’m not dealing with it” hole. Life is not a perfect Snow White moment with birds singing to you whilst you sweep up the floor (thank god) feeling amazing. Nope. Sometimes life is a bit heavy. Sometimes it sucks and as much as I’d love us all to deal with it with a huge smile on your face, that’s always going to happen. One huge lesson I’ve learnt is that it’s ok to be a bit overwhelmed, sad or pissed. And, allowing myself to feel my feelings helps in the long run because I can deal with them better in the moment and then find that peace and harmony in me to carry on instead of wanting to hide forever. What’s your favourite way to change up your day and deal with whatever is happening for you? I’d love you to share. Feeling better after a bit of time at my favourite place, getting some sunshine 🌞

LOVE 💗 body

Once upon a time there was a girl, now a woman, who would never have any fun. She was terribly overweight, she lacked confidence and she believed she didn’t deserve to have any fun in the first place. So, sadly, she spent her whole life missing out or not really enjoying any of the fun moments. There’s no getting those days and moments back but today she (ME!) tries to enjoy them all. Especially those with her family. Today I am at the pool with my daughter. I have put on a swim suit and even though my body is wobbly and not “insta-perfect” I choose to do it anyway. No more missing out because I don’t look a certain way. No more missing the fun because I don’t think I deserve it. There is so much to enjoy in life and it’s so sad to think we, as women, sit on the sidelines because we worry about how we look. Enjoy your life NOW. You are good enough NOW. What are you missing out on because you don’t think you are good enough?

LOVE 💕 body