Fruity Rainbow Easter Egg

When finished the look of this Fruity Rainbow Easter Egg is so colourful and delicious. You could serve it up with breakfast or as a mid morning snack. Hopefully everyones tummy will be ok and not full of too much chocolate.

What you need


Fruity Rainbow Easter Egg.jpg
Fruity Rainbow Easter Egg


kiwi fruit






You don’t have to use all of these fruits. Amounts will depend on the size of the Fruity Rainbow Easter Egg you are going to make.

What to do

Cut all of the fruit into slices. Keep the grapes whole or you could cut them in half so you use less (as I did for my yummy egg).

Arrange the fruit on your plate or platter in the shape of an easter egg. You can follow the one I created or make your own awesome design.


Eat Colourful. Live Colourful

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