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October 29 10am - 12pm

The Love Living Workshop

The Love Living Workshop is for women who are looking for more love, more joy, more connection within themselves, so they can love living.
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What the Love Living Workshop is all about

This 2- hour workshop dives deep into what YOU want for your life.

There is too much self-loathing, meanness, resentment and pain towards ourselves, our bodies and our lives.

Women have denied themselves love, joy and connection; leaving them feeling lost, alone and unsure of what it is they really want for their life.

Don’t disregard your wants and desires any longer. You ARE allowed to create a wonderful life for yourself.

You are a unique woman. You know what you want. It is inside you ready to come out.

Are you ready to listen to the woman within, learn who she truly is and love every single part of her again?

You will receive a workbook to go along with the workshop. It will be emailed to you in PDF format.

The workbook allows you to ask yourself what you really want and gives you permission to dream and fantasise about all aspects of your life…

  • Health & Wellness
  • Spirituality
  • Abundance & Prosperity
  • Creative Calling
  • The Joy of Life

What DO you want?

Are you ready to find out and allow yourself to Love Living?

You will also receive a copy of the Love Body Day Planner. A 65-page planner designed for you to plan out your day with love, joy and connection. It will make its way to your inbox for you to download after the Love Living Workshop.

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