Let’s unite for love.

Because it’s time, Beautiful. To love ourselves and our bodies again.

It’s a Body Beautiful Celebration

As a woman who knew nothing but hate for herself and her body I found it very difficult to find peace within.

But when I gave birth to my daughter 6 years ago, something deep inside me stirred.

And, the moment I held my daughter in my arms was the moment that stirring really fired up. The fire inside grew and grew until I could no longer ignore the glowing embers burning within.

Those embers burned a knowing into me that I could not go on living with such hurt in my heart any more.

I made a promise to myself and my daughter the day she was born that I would not be the mother I grew up with. I promised her love. And I promised myself love.

I promised myself I would do whatever it took to love all of me again.

And, I have been working very hard on raising love within myself. Because I truly believed I was going to be an empty shell of a woman for the rest of my life.

I’ll be honest, it has not been an easy road. It has been bumpy, dark and scary; and I have no idea where the road leads but I know it is the road I must take so I can raise the love inside of me and gift it to my daughter.

I was a woman who never really knew what love felt like but I now have the love of, not only my gorgeous husband and beautiful daughter, but myself.

And it feels amazing. I feel free.

And it is my mission here on this earth, my purpose, to fill every woman and girl I can with the love I have found. To help you find your love again so you are then able to raise the love inside of yourself and gift every woman and girl in your life with the love they deserve.

So, on December 20th, 2020 let’s us unite to show the world and ourselves that we will no longer allow hatred and loathing to reside in our minds and our bodies.

You are a beautiful woman who deserves to love who she is RIGHT NOW, AS YOU ARE.

There is no when…

There is only now.

Join me at Bim’bimba Park, Pimpama where you will get to be a part of something amazing.

Bring along a picnic to share with your daughter, granddaughter, mother, wife, friends or any other amazing woman in your life.

Women and Girls of all ages are welcome.

Come and connect and feel the love with other beautiful women.

Wear something that makes you feel beautiful because we will take a huge group photo to show the world we support one another.

We will unite as women and we will unite to empower our girls with the love they deserve so they can grow up into beautiful women who do not hate themselves or their bodies.


If you don’t live here in beautiful Queensland, why not hold one in your city.

Wherever you live, on December 20th 2020, head down to your favourite spot with your mum, daughter, granddaughter, Aunt, Nieces, partner, wife, friends or any other amazing woman in your life and show the world you unite with us to love yourself and your body again.

Post your pics on social media using #bodybeautiful2020.

I can’t wait to see all of you beautiful, strong, amazing women showing up and uniting. 


There will be a photographer on the day taking lots of photos as well as someone taking video.

I will be taking time throughout the morning to talk with as many of you as I can. You can either choose to be on camera or have your words recorded the old fashioned way with pen and paper for future use. 

There could also be media present at the Body Beautiful Celebration.

Please register your details below, even if you are celebrating in a different town or city. You will receive more information, event details and reminders about the day.