The Behind the Body project

What is the Behind the Body project?

A few months ago an idea came to me. This idea flowed into my brain while I was reading “Creative Calling” by Chase Jarvis. It was one of those ideas that resonated within my whole being and I knew I had to do something with it. I couldn’t just let this pass me by, or move onto someone else.

The whole idea of the Behind the Body project is storytelling.

Storytelling has been around for as long as we have (well, the human race) and has been used as a form of communication well before spoken language was ever a part of us.

No doubt you have seen cave paintings telling the story of hunting, gathering and what used to go on in a particular tribe.

As storytelling evolved from paintings, to sign language, to the use of the spoken word then lastly to the written word; it never lost its magic. Or its importance.

Sharing our story with others brings forth a connection and an understanding of how others live and behave. We get to know one other intimately and reveal parts of ourselves in order to bridge the gap between what we believe to be true and what is actually happening. It is a way of relating, uniting, expressing and chronicling who we are. Both individually and together.

In todays world the new form of storytelling is social media but unfortunately so much gets lost in translation and the truth is kept hidden in order to show only “perfection”.

This leaves most of us feeling as though we are not good enough, our lives suck in comparison and, sadly it causes people to do things to themselves they may otherwise not do. Such as extreme dieting to be as skinny as possible, kill themselves at the gym to have a ripped body, get plastic surgery to alter their body so it looks “perfect” and forget about who they truly are so they can achieve an unrealistic image which someone decided was how we are all meant to look.

I know I wasted a HUGE chunk of my life worrying about getting skinny, what I was eating, how fat I was, how my body looked compared to others, hating others because they were skinnier and prettier than I am and just generally feeling worthless because I was not able to be someone else because everything about me was not “perfect”.

The Behind the Body project wants to tell YOUR story. Your story of weight loss, the struggle that comes with focusing on your weight for most of your life and all of the shitty feelings that are attached to hating yourself and your body.

You are not alone and if sharing your story can help just one person to feel connected then this project is worth every moment.

I want to share:

I want to know you and share your story because it is worth telling.

You are unique and whatever your story may be it is ok. We all have stories that we are embarrassed by or think others may judge us for. But that is the beauty of stories. We find out that there are others who think, feel and act the same way we do because essentially we are all the same underneath but those layers are wrapped up in one-of-a-kind, rare, limited edition, priceless individuality.

Whether you live far way or just around the corner, it is time for your story to inspire and connect. So, please connect with me if you’d love to share your story.

You can do so via my email address:

lease use the subject heading: The Behind the Body Project.

I can’t wait to meet you.